synergy service almost ready

Content from the Pilot site is already in the process of moving to Synergy which is the name of our new WordPress service host.  The service should be launching very soon.  Watch this space!

Using data from databases on your WordPress site…

I’ve been working to implement shortcodes which allow you to use data already stored on people in either our School database (called Symbiosis) or in the PURE database (aka research@st-andrews) to your WordPress research group site.

Shortcodes are simple codes enclosed in square brackets that you can type in your posts or pages which WordPress will convert into content when the post or page is viewed.  I’ve made some new codes that you can use.  For example, this code:

[SDS_SYMBIOSIS uid="sds" data="image" format="right"]

makes my image from the School database appear on the right of the page… (OK – I have even less hair now – time I put a new picture there, I know…)

You can find out more and see the full list of shortcodes on this post