New page and menu item

Q. How do I add a page to the set of links across the top of all pages in the site?

A. Basically a two stage process…

  1. Make your page
  2. Add it to the menu

Which you do as follows…

1. Adding a page

  • Sign in to your site so you are looking at the site dashboard
  • Select pages > add new
  • Give your new page a title, add some content (you can always edit later, of course)
  • Click the publish button to save the new page

2. Adding the page to your menu

  • In the site dashboard select appearance > menus
  • Find your new page in the pages panel. If you can’t see it try the ‘all’ tab. When you find it tick the checkbox beside it, then click the ‘add to menu’ button.
  • The new page appears at the bottom of the list – equivalent to the right hand side of a horizontal menu. Click and drag to position it, you can also drag to the right to make it be a ‘child’ of another menu item.
  • Note – if you want the menu item to have a shorter title than the page, you can do this by opening the panel of the item (small triangle top right) and changing the ‘Navigation Label’
  • When your done, click the ‘Save Menu’ button

That’s it!



Truncate a post

You can use ‘more’ to shorten a post at a specific point.  The post will be truncated at the precise point you indicated, and display a’continue reading’ link there, which takes the user to the full post.  To use ‘more’:

While editing an individual post, make a short ‘beginning part’ which you wish to appear – e.g.

An excellent opportunity for people interested in research in this area to gain a deeper understanding.

In the text editing area, place your cursor at the end of this passage, then click the ‘more’ button (circled below)

The click to update the post.

Pressing the more button inserts a special tag which truncates the story listing at the precise point you indicated, and displays a’continue reading’ link there, which takes the user to the full post.