Entering research lab/team details

This short help text explains how Bio PIs can specify a list of their lab/research group/team.  This list will appear on their own School profile page, and on the profile page of team members. This ‘team list’ can also be used elsewhere (for example on pages hosted via the Synergy WordPress service), for example to list research group members in other groups joined by their PI if required.

Time for a PI to do this task: approx 180 seconds (assuming name list in hand or head)

If you are a biology PI, view your own School profile page, and click the ‘edit’ link on the right.  Sign in using your short university ID (eg ‘dp1’) and its associated password (same as your email).

Click the ‘Research Group’ tab.  It should look like the picture below – if you can’t see this tab, please contact sds@st-andrews.ac.uk

Click the drop down.  To get to names quickly type the first few characters of a surname.

Click the Add button to add a person to your list.

Repeat for each person you wish to add.

If you make a mistake, just click the ‘delete’ link to the left of any name.  This only deletes the name from the list you are making, it doesn’t affect anything else.

The list is updated automatically each time you click ‘add’ or ‘delete’, unless you’ve made other changes to your profile details it is not necessary to click ‘click to save’.

That’s it!




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