New Group List options

I’ve added some new grouplist options.  grouplist is a shortcode which can pull lists of people from information in the symbiosis database.  Here are a couple of examples of the new list types.

Group list with images
This adds portrait images for staff if these are available on the symbiosis system (staff may upload a new image at any time by editing their own data)

Recursive group list with images
This automatically looks for people who are members of research groups lead by people in the group list, includes them in the group list and re-alphabeticises the resulting list. Staff found by through research group lists are marked by additional text (Surname Group). Any jobcat filters applied to the original group list are also applied to research group lists.

  • shortcode example
  • [SDS_SYMBIOSIS   data="grouplistImages_recursive"  groupcode="eggg" jobcat="academic, research"]
  • click to see output here … at time of writing only 11 people were in original group, 6 were pulled in automatically.

More about database searching shorcodes

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