New Responsive Theme

Themes are how WordPress styles your site.  It’s possible to switch to a different theme with minimal effort, and all of your site’s content preserved.

Recently I’ve been developing a new ‘responsive’ theme aimed at research group websites.  The aims of this new design were:

  1. To have a layout which dynamically adapts to different sizes of browsing window.  This means that graphics can be dropped, or change size to fit different kinds of devices.
  2. To have a menu which would also change form at the smallest sizes to accomodate phone based browsers.
  3. To pair back header and other elements to allow content come to the fore.

The theme I’ve been working on derives from the WordPress Twentytwelve theme, with a few functional additions (like hide/reveal for search and a resizing sponsor’s footer area).

You can see some example pages using this responsive theme at the site below.  It’s in a version of the School of Biology livery, but other versions will be available.  To test it on a desktop, visit the site, and then drag your browser to make the window narrower or wider. Watch what happens in the header, and also to page and footer graphics.  There are several pages on the site with slight variations.

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.