NextGen Image Galleries

updated Oct 2015

The NextGEN plugin allows you to make image galleries

You will need to have this plug-in enabled for your site.  To have this done, please contact synergy support.   Once it is enabled…

1. sign in and from the dashboard menu select Gallery > Add Gallery/Images

2. …if this is a new gallery enter the name of the new gallery in the text box beside the drop down ‘Create a new gallery’

3.  …or for an existing gallery, from the drop down list select the name of the gallery to which you would like to add images

4. click ‘add files’ or drag and drop files to the Add Files area, to indicate image files on your computer that you wish to upload to this gallery.

5. click ‘Start Upload’ then wait until all images have uploaded.

You can manage the gallery further later (adding captions etc if you wish).  For now, let’s move on to actually showing this gallery somewhere…

6. Edit a page or post where you wish to show this gallery.

gallery button7. press the add NextGEN gallery button (see picture..)

8. Several panels are now shown:

  • Select a display type: such as NextGEN Basic Thumbnails or NextGEN Basic ImageBrowser.
  • What would you like to display? Click and select Galleries, then click and select your new gallery.
  • Customize the display settings: leave for now
  • Sort or Exclude Images: leave for now

Click Save.

This will add code to your page or post to show he gallery, but in the edit view it will just place one image to represent the presence of the gallery.  To see how it works, now click Publish or Update to save these changes on your page or post, then view this page or post to see the Gallery.

Various other options are available, you can experiment with these by making adjustments to settings by editing the page or post again, and clicking on the gallery image placeholder to access the NextGEN interface.

Please contact synergy support if you require further assistance.

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