Using menus in other places

A menu is simply a list of links.  Menus are made using the dashboard,  and you make make several menus on one site if you wish.

You can use menus in places other than the main site navigation bar.  For example two places you might want to use a menu are:

  • somewhere in the body of a page
  • at the side of a page

Here’s how:

Making a Custom Menu:

  • STEP 1: Sign in to your site, and display the dashboard.  Select Appearance > Menus
  • STEP 2: To make a new menu, click the tab with a + on it on the right hand side of the existing menu tabs.
  • STEP 3: type the nema of the menu you want to make, and click the ‘create menu’ button
  • STEP 4:  To remove a menu item, click to expand its panel in the menu, and then click the ‘Remove’ link
  • STEP 5 a: To add a menu item for a page on your site, in the Pages panel on the left, click to tick the page, then press the ‘Add to menu’ button – it will be added at the end of the menu to begin with
  • STEP 5 b: To add a menu item for a web page somewhere else, in the Custom Links panel on the left, paste the url of the web page, type a short label for it, then press the ‘Add to menu’ button – it will be added at the end of the menu to begin with.  If you want to make a menu item just to be a menu sub-category heading type # in the URL field, and the category heading in the label field.
  • STEP 6: To reorder menu items, click and then drag-and-drop item panels up and down the menu area.  Dragging to the right allows you to inset menu items as ‘children’ of other menu items.
  • STEP 7: Click the Save Menu button to finish, and view a page which uses it to test new links

Adding a menu somewhere to the body of a page:

  • STEP 1: make a custom menu (as above)
  • STEP 2: make a page, or open an existing page and in the main content box type:[custommenu menu="Synergy Site Examples"] where you wish the menu to appear, replacing “Synergy Site Examples” with the name of your own custom menu
  • STEP 3: publish or update the page, and view it.

Adding a menu to the sidebar of a page:

  • STEP 1: make a custom menu (as above)
  • STEP 2: in the dashboard select Appearance > widgets
  • STEP 3: drag a ‘custom menu’ widget from the large ‘available widgets’ panel and drop it on the ‘main sidebar’ panel on the right
  • STEP 4: give this list a title, and select your own custom menu from the drop down list beside ‘select menu’
  • STEP 5: click the Save button

This will affect any pages using a sidebar.


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