Administering page access

This post was written in support of the site which has the Role Scoper plugin installed.

The administrator wanted to be able to have users who could edit a single page on the site.  With Role Scoper installed the procedure for the Administrator is then:

1. ensure that the required indivdual(s) are registered as users for the site and on Synergy. Ask the Network Admin to do this.  Individuals may be given any access level, even subscriber (see WordPress roles summary)

2. In the site dashboard edit the required page

3. Scroll down to the ‘editors’ panel, click Users tab

4. type start of name of user into ‘filter’, user should list

5. check the first (unbracketed) checkbox beside the user name – this will make this user able to edit this page

6. click ‘update’ button

7. Pass notes for users on to the user (see below), adn/or sit with them and show them how to edit pages, or ask support to do this.


Suggested Notes for Users

1. sign in

2. on the dashboard, click Pages tab – only pages you can edit will list

3. mouse over the page you want to edit, and click ‘edit’ or the page title to edit the page

4. edit your page. See also:

  • making new pages: you may make new pages by clicking the ‘Add New’ button, then saving your page by pressing ‘publish’ however your saved page will not be published until it is reviewed by the site administrator.  Click ‘submit for review’ to send a message to the site administrator
  • deleting pages you have made: click th pages tab, them mouse over the page you wish to delete, and click ‘Trash’.  pages are not finally removed until you click ‘Trash’ at the top of this list, then ‘Empty Trash’.

5. click update to save changes

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