RSS Notice Shortcode

The RSS Notice Shortcode is available via a plugin developed by Steve Smart.  It is used to make a slide show display from an RSS feed, for use as an output to be shown on digital signage.

To use this shortcode edit any page on a WordPress site with the plugin sds-RSSnotice installed.

There are two parts to using this

A) the shortcode
B) the page template

A) the shortcode

[[SDS_RSSNOTICE url=”” duration=”10000″ size=”200″ preqrtag=”<strong>markup of your choice</strong>”]]

All parameters are optional.  Default settings are:

  • url => ‘’
  • duration (in msecs) => ‘10000’
  • alt (qrtag) => ”
  • size (qrtag) => ‘150’
    size=’0′ => omit QR tag 
  • align (qrtag) => ”
  • cssclass (qrtag) => ”
  • preqrtag (qrtag) => ”
    preqrtag may be used to add markup before the qrtag – eg an <img …> tag


B) the page template

typically for use in digital signage, a page template with very little styling is required.  Template files are contained in the theme folder, and one called ‘blank-page-sds’ is supplied for this purpose, this requires the following files in the theme:

  • notice-page-sds.php
  • header-notice.php
  • notice.css -> stylesheet for notice
  • images/eventsBG2.png -> background graphic for notice (optional)

To change the appearance of the notice, edit notice.css and edit or replace images/eventsBG2.png

If this template is present in your theme folder, you can use it by selecting notice-page-sds from the Template drop down in the Page Attributes panel when editing the page on which you are intending to put the shortcode.

In most signage instances you will not want any other content on this page apart from the SDS_RSSNOTICE shortcode.

Steve Smart 16/1/2013


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