Adding a Promotion

This help text was prepared for the BSRC Imaging site which is making use of the Promotions plug in to manage content of the slideshow at

To add a new promotion

Prepare the following content beforehand:

  1. click to view image

    A jpeg image file which you wish to use with your promotion story – ideally larger than 640pixels wide, but probably less than about 1000pixels wide. How the display area is selected from the image you upload isn’t really under your control. For example the promotion on this page takes a piece of image as shown in the graphic right… (you could use the fullsize version as a template)

  2. A very short title for this promotion – eg name of a microscope used
  3. A single short descriptive sentence about the promotion
  4. A story text to accompany the image and explain what it is about


Step 1: Visit your WordPress site, and sign in

Step 2: click Promotions on the left

Step 3: click to select ‘Add New Prmotion’

Step 4: Paste your title where it says ‘Enter title here’

Step 5: Paste the short descriptive sentence into the box called ‘Excerpt’

Step 6: Paste the story text into the main text area (directly beneath the title).  You may also add links to other web pages here if you wish.

Step 7: Click ‘Save Draft’ on the right.
You’ve now completed dealing with the texts – next up is the image.

Step 8: Click the link ‘Set Featured Image’ on the right of your screen.

Step 9: drag the jpeg image file for this promotion from a folder or the desktop on your computer and drop it in the ‘drop files here’ box now displayed (or click the ‘select files’ button and navigate to find the image file if you prefer).

Step 10: Wait while the upload completes, then click ‘Use as featured image’ near the bottom of the screen (you may need to scroll to see it).  This will allow this image, or a part of it, be used in the slide show.

Step 11: Click the close X at the top right of the image upload panel.

Step 12: If you wish to place the same image on the story page, put your cursor in the story text where you would like the image to be placed – perhaps at the top – you might want to press the return key to make a blank line also.  [Note – you can use one image file for the promotion slide and a different one on the page if you wish. To do this you would upload both image files, set one as the featured image, and insert the other in the story].

Step 13: Click the upload/insert button.

Step 14: Click the ‘Media Library’ tab

Step 15: Click ‘show’ beside the image to be shown.

Step 16: Choose the alignment and size you wish to use to show this image here (e.g. ‘Center’ ‘Full Size’) you can use a smaller size if you wish, then clicking the image on the page will display the full size version.

Step 17: Click the ‘Insert into Post’ button.

Step 18: Click the ‘Save Draft’ button.

Step 19: you can now click the ‘Preview’ button to preview your promotion story page.

Step 20: to publish this promotion, click the ‘Publish’ button.


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