Add audio on your page

On this site audio files can be added directly to your page by simply entering a line with the web address of the audio file.  Here is an example…

…To make the above happen, I edited this post, and made a single line with only the following on it:

That’s the url of the audio file.  In the above case it happened to be on this website (I used the media upload/insert button, and uploaded the file earlier) but the sound file could be somewhere else, for example…

…is the address of a file on a different server, which I’ve placed below:

If you want to include a link to allow somebody to download an audio file, you can do this by just entering some appropriate text while editing, selecting it, then clicking the ‘link’ button, and pasting in the address of your audio file.  For example something like this:

I’ve asked the user to right- or control- click so they get a download option – if you just (left) click on a linked audio file, it will usually open in your browser.

(audio plug in used)

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