Complete group People page in one line!

Extending my work on pulling data into WordPress using short codes, I’ve made an entire ‘People’ page which can be displayed by typing just one short code into the page content area, an example is

[SDS_SYMBIOSIS  piid='dp1' data="researchGroupAccordion" uid="*" ]

where piid = the ID of the Principle Investigator (PI).  In this instance the PI is Dave Paterson (dp1), whose the group is called SERG.

If the PI has entered his research group into the School database, the above single line will make a complete research group ‘People’ page in WordPress entirely using data (and images) from School and PURE data.

See demo page.

It looks like SERG (whose site is in prep) will be the first to use this ‘live’.

Biologists: If you are authoring here at present, and want to see if your PI has entered their research group yet, visit the PI index, and click the ‘School’ link beside their name.  If there is a list like the one near the bottom right of this page, they’ve entered the group.  If not, ask your PI if they can do this, or send details of the list to me.

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