What do I need to get going?

The following are useful to start with:

  1. A short descriptive title for your group – see other Pilot sites here for examples.
  2. Some images, or suggestions for images which might make good graphics to start your site  – see other Pilot sites here for some examples.  If you don’t have images, but you can make some suggestions for what kind of thing might be appropriate, this is also great, as I can source and clear material for you.
  3. If you’d like to provide some initial content, this is fine, and I’ll be happy to add it for you to get you going.  In practise, although not essential, I think this is a good idea and will help you to be up and running sooner.

If you’re in Biology or Medicine at the University of St Andrews, and you’d like your research group to to join in with this pilot, please get in touch.  If you are in another group at the University, but would like to talk about WordPress anyway – that’s fine too…

Steve Smart.

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