Prevent comments

STEP 1: When editing a post or page, ensure that the ‘Discussion’ panel (near bottom) is visible.  If you can’t see it, then click ‘Screen Options’ (top right) and check ‘Discussion’

STEP 2: On the ‘Discussion’ panel, uncheck ‘allow comments’, and save/publish/update.  This will prevent comments for that page or post.

Upload a new header image

STEP 1: To upload a new header image for your site, first choose an image, and size the part you wish to use to 187 x 1000 pixels.  If you’re not sure how to do this, perhaps ask a photoshop guru.  Large single images that are not too busy work well.

STEP 2: Then sign in to your site, and from the dashboard select Appearance > Header

STEP 3: Beside ‘upload image’, click Choose File and upload your image.  You can select from the images uploaded previously, or have a randome one from this set displayed on every page.

See also: change the header image for one page/post

Remove items from a custom menu

STEP 1: sign in then choose Appearance > Menus

STEP 2: Then select the correct menu tab for the menu you wish to change

STEP 3: To remove a menu item, click the arrow on the light of its panel to expand it, and then click ‘remove’

Truncate a post

You can use ‘more’ to shorten a post at a specific point.  The post will be truncated at the precise point you indicated, and display a’continue reading’ link there, which takes the user to the full post.  To use ‘more’:

While editing an individual post, make a short ‘beginning part’ which you wish to appear – e.g.

An excellent opportunity for people interested in research in this area to gain a deeper understanding.

In the text editing area, place your cursor at the end of this passage, then click the ‘more’ button (circled below)

The click to update the post.

Pressing the more button inserts a special tag which truncates the story listing at the precise point you indicated, and displays a’continue reading’ link there, which takes the user to the full post.


Remove uploaded images

Q. How do you get rid of header images, e.g. that are collected in the “random” section of appearances?

A. If you have uploaded images and you wish to permanently remove them then:

STEP 1: Sign in to the dashboard for your site

STEP 2: click the Media button to open the Media Library

STEP 3: browse through the library to locate the image you wish to remove, mouse over it, and click ‘delete permanently’.  Or, to remove several images at once, click the check box to the left of several images, then select ‘delete permanently’ from the Bulk Actions drop down, and click the Apply button.

This works for uploaded header images as well as for uploaded images used elsewhere.

What is the project about?

Research Groups tend to need sites which, as well as being clean and professional, can be very dynamic, even conversational, and easily updated.  Sometimes groups want to be able to have multiple authors.

We would like to help to these requirements while a maintaining a connection with the main School site, and making content in a form which allows information from research group feeds to give an impression of day-to-day research and outreach cavities right across the School.

The idea of this project is to provide a resource which can be used to host small, dynamic websites and blogs for Research Groups, and create news feeds which can be pushed upstream for consumption by Centres, Schools, and the wider world. Continue reading