Welcome to the St Andrews Isotope Geochemistry (STAiG) laboratories. At STAiG we use high precision measurements of isotope ratios to investigate phenomena across the geosciences.

Our research is underpinned by a suite of cutting edge facilities, supporting a broad team of researchers interested in identifying, tracing, and timing processes in systems ranging from the solar system as a whole, through planetary differentiation and terrestrial volcanism, to ocean circulation and the biosphere.

STAiG News:

STAiG lab official opening

The STAiG lab celebrated its official opening on Friday 4 March 2016 with an afternoon’s workshop celebrating the many and varied uses of isotopes within the earth sciences and beyond. Highlights included tours of the new labs, a keynote address by Prof Alex Halliday (FRS), and a lively poster session, generously supported by ThermoFisher Scientific and EPSRC.

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Big Boxes…

The STAiG lab is going through next phase of development, with 12 very big boxes appearing with our new Neptune mass spec, and a reshuffle of our existing NuPlasma instruments beginning tomorrow.  Reminded me of the fun and games of mass spec installation last summer,...

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