Dr Sonja Heinrich:
Senior Lecturer & Director of Postgraduate Teaching

sympatric ecology, conservation biology of marine mammals,


Departmental duties

Director of Postgraduate Teaching

Chair, Postgraduate Teaching Committee

Module organiser:

  • BL5210 - Principles of marine mammal biology
  • BL5104 - Conservation & management of marine mammals
  • BL5124 & BL4301 - Predator ecology in polar regions (Antarctic field trip)

Contributing to BL5310 (Marine Biodiversity & Ecosystem Function), BL5304 (Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems), BL4258 (Foraging in Marine Mammals)

St Andrews Teaching Excellence Award 2016

Research Interests:

Marine predator ecology - abundance, distribution & habitat use, species interactions, conservation of vulnerable species, polar regions,

Research students@ St Andrews

Phd student (2010-2015): Marina Costa (jointly with Prof Hammond), Sympatric ecology of delphinids in the Egyptian Red Sea.

MSc(Res) (2019-2020): Grant Ellis, Habitat use of Hector's dolphins off Kaikoura, New Zealand

MSc (taught) - 2-4 students per year

Research Projects:

Chiloe Small Cetacean Project (PI)

Conservation ecology and population assessments of small cetaceans in southern Chile (e.g. PI for abundance & collaborator for Chilean dolphin bycatch assessment project))

Sympatric ecology of Lagenorhynchus/Cephalorhynchus dolphins (PI)

Habitat use & abundance of coastal dolphins in the Falkland Islands (collaborator with SAERI)

Using platform of opportunity data to investigate distribution and ecology of Antarctic marine top predators (co-PI with Dr Lars Boehme)

Professional Representation:

Member: IUCN Cetacean Specialist Group and Cetacean Red List Authority.

source: symbiosis

Recent Publications:

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