ASAB Winter Conference 2015

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Social Learning and Culture

Organized by Kevin Laland & Andrew Whiten
3-4th December, Zoological Society of London, Regents Park
antjoint object manipulationPlenary Lectures

  • Thomas Bugnyar, University of Vienna:
    Social Information Transfer in Corvids
  • Luke Rendell, University of St Andrews:
    The Cultural Lives of Cetaceans
  • Elli Leadbeater, Royal Holloway, London:
    Insights about Social Learning from the Insect World

Programme and Talks Abstracts

Poster Abstracts (40) for PSGB and ASAB events

The 2015 ASAB Winter meeting will be back-to-back with the Primate Society of Great Britain Winter Meeting “Primate Social Learning and Culture” (2nd December).

Registration: there is no registration or registration fee at ASAB meetings.