I am a research fellow at the University of St Andrews, broadly interested in the behaviour and physiology of fishes. While I use a variety of tools, I particularly like novel electronic tags that can more directly tell us what an animal is doing in the wild. While we are getting increasingly good at being able to tell where animals are going, we know a lot less about what animals are doing or why they are doing it. In other words, why is the animal making the movements/migrations that we see? The majority of my research has been with sharks but I also work with other fishes and reptiles. Being able to answer these questions is a critical step in conservation: if we know what factors drive patterns of movement then we can quickly and accurately predict what sort of areas animals will use (e.g. within Marine Protected Areas).

I particularly enjoy exploring new places underwater, including deep reefs and freshwater caves. Outside of work, my favourite hobby is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Please contact me at yp6@st-andrews.ac.uk