CBESS News: maternity cover

Meriem, CBESS’s project officer, is due to go on maternity leave on Mon 17th March until Sun 21st September 2014. we are pleased to announce that Zara Morris-Trainor will be providing maternity cover during her absence.

Zara Morris-Trainor comes to us as a recent MSc graduate in conservation biology from the University of Kent. Originally from New Zealand, she studied zoology and psychology at undergraduate level before heading to Malawi to work as a research assistant and volunteer manager at a local wildlife centre, and then to Indonesian Borneo to co-ordinate a sun bear rehabilitation project. With a growing interest in conservation management and human-wildlife conflict, Zara’s dissertation looked at the effect of large carnivores on the sheep farming industry in Norway. Wishing to further her skills and knowledge of project management, stakeholder engagement and environmental monitoring, Zara is delighted to have the opportunity to cover the role of CBESS Project Officer during Meriem’s maternity leave. She is very much looking forward to meeting the rest of the team.