My research interests are wide, but many of them centre around sensory interactions between species. So I’m interested, for example,¬†in how predators look for their prey and how they prey might make this more difficult for predators. Have a look at the topics on the side-bar to get a feel for some of this issues I’m currently most interested in.

Its true that not all my interests fit into the between-species-interactions category, most of my other interests in some way relate to interests in (i) the constraints that physical processes Рand particularly large body size Рplace on phenotypic selection and (ii) statistical analysis Рparticularly by non-parametric and computer-intensive techniques. Again, look at the side bar for examples.

I think I’m more focussed on questions that particular species, ecosystems or techniques. I guess I started out as a theoretician – but increasingly I’m happy to blend computer work, lab work and field work to try and solve the puzzles that interest me.