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A theory for investment across defences triggered at different stages of a predator-prey encounter Lingzi Wang, Graeme Douglas Ruxton, Stephen J. Cornell, Michael P. Speed, Mark Broom
Journal of Theoretical Biology vol.473 pp.9-19
Adaptive suicide Graeme Douglas Ruxton
Biology Letters 2019 vol.15
Underestimation of Pearson's product moment correlation statistic Marie-Therese Puth, Markus Neuhäuser, Graeme Douglas Ruxton
Oecologia 2019 vol.189 pp.1-7
A non-parametric maximum test for the Behrens–Fisher problem Anke Welz, Graeme Douglas Ruxton, Markus Neuhäuser
Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 2018 vol.88 pp.1336-1347
Intragroup and intragenomic conflict over chemical defense against predators Rebekah Best, Graeme Douglas Ruxton, Andy Gardner
Ecology and Evolution 2018 vol.8 pp.3322-3329