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Fear of killer whales drives extreme synchrony in deep diving beaked whales Natacha Aguilar de Soto, Fleur Visser, Peter Lloyd Tyack, Jesús Alcazar, Graeme Douglas Ruxton, Patricia Arranz, Peter T. Madsen, Mark Johnson
Scientific Reports 2020 vol. 10
The demography of human warfare can drive sex differences in altruism Alberto Jacopo Cesare Micheletti, Graeme Douglas Ruxton, Andy Gardner
Evolutionary Human Sciences 2020 vol. 2
Young birds switch but old birds lead Thomas Oudman, Kevin Neville Laland, Graeme Douglas Ruxton, Ingunn Tombre, Paul Shimmings, Jouke Prop
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2020 vol. 7
A theory for investment across defences triggered at different stages of a predator-prey encounter Lingzi Wang, Graeme Douglas Ruxton, Stephen J. Cornell, Michael P. Speed, Mark Broom
Journal of Theoretical Biology 2019 vol. 473 pp. 9-19