Impact Case Study: The V5 epitope tag – technology for vaccines, diagnostics and disease treatment

Example of an Invitrogen product using V5 technology

Proteins are fundamental to life and to many drugs, vaccines and new types of applied medicine with engineered cells. For this work, it is often essential to tag proteins to enable their identification and purification. The V5 tag, which was developed in St Andrews, is used very widely in this role and has some key advantages over alternatives.

Key impacts of this research have been:

  • V5 tag used in 112 issued patents since 1/1/2008, focussed on treatment of cancer, Alzheimer’s, viral infection etc.
  • The reagents for V5 tag detection had sales exceeding £600k and generated royalties for St Andrews of £298k (Jan 2008 to Jul 2013).
  • Over 130 different products currently available from commercial suppliers make use of V5 technology.
  • Recent vaccine and diagnostics development has relied on V5 technology.

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