Research Impact

The School of Biology at the University of St Andrews pursues research at all levels, from the single molecule to global environmental dynamics. The end users of this research are also diverse, ranging from school children and the public through commercial spheres to governments and international NGOs.

In the REF2014 results, the impact of research undertaken in Biological Sciences in St Andrews was rated top in Scotland and second across the UK. On this page are examples of our philosophy toward the translation of our research and examples of impact cases.  The case studies highlight the diverse ways in which academic research can be translated into impact and engagement with the wider community.

Crucially, these impacts have arisen as a result of many years of painstaking, high quality research, often without any obvious translational benefit at the outset. The School at every step has supported both the academic work and the subsequent wider engagement.

Impact begins with excellent science and the world-class scientific credentials, and therefore credibility, of our academics. Translational impact must be built on this foundation. Our policy is that the pursuit and delivery of non-academic impact is recognised specifically as a key component of the academic career alongside research, teaching and service.