Dr Nathan Bailey:

Evolutionary biology, genetics, genomics, social behaviour

Member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Young Academy of Scotland


source: symbiosis

Recent Publications:

Recent publications

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vol.In press 
2019 (3)
Journal of Evolutionary Biology
vol.32 pp.243-258
2019 (1)
Ecology and Evolution
vol.9 pp.410-416
Social effects on fruit fly courtship song
Lucas Marie-Orleach, Nathan William Bailey, Michael Gordon Ritchie 
Keywords: Acoustic signals, Behavioral plasticity, Reproductive isolation, Social learning, Speciation
2018 (8)
Trends in Ecology and Evolution
vol.33 pp.595-607
(Review article)
2018 (13/1)
Behavioral Ecology
vol.29 pp.17-18
If everything is special, is anything special? A response to comments on Bailey et al.
Nathan William Bailey, Lucas Marie-Orleach, Allen Moore