Dr Carlos Penedo-Esteiro:

Dr Carlos Penedo-Esteiro
Biomolecular Sciences Building
University of St Andrews
North Haugh
St Andrews
KY16 9ST

tel: 01334 463106
fax: 01334 462595
room: B108

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We are interested in the use and development of novel biophysical techniques to study biomolecular interactions including proteins, DNA and RNA at the level of individual molecules. The advantages of single-molecule detection are many, apart from the fascination of looking at individual biomolecules at work, single-molecule techniques can measure intermediates and follow time-dependent pathways of chemical reactions and folding mechanisms that are difficult or impossible to synchronize at the ensemble level. Thus, single-molecule techniques provide novel insights into how molecules and systems behave, having the advantage that spatial and temporal averaging is avoided, temporal synchronisation is not necessary and novel phenomena, which otherwise are averaged and remain hidden in ensembles, may be discovered. Our aim is to monitor, in real-time, the behaviour of individual biological molecules and complexes, in vitro and in live cells. By combining the dynamic information obtained at the single-molecule or single-complex level with structural and biochemical analyses, we hope to create "molecular movies" of biological processes and from them obtain a deeper understanding of these processes.


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2018 (16/2)
Science Advances
2017 (14/3)
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
vol.19 pp.6921-6932
(Review article)
2017 (9)
DNA Repair
vol.57 pp.125-132
2017 (3)
vol.21 pp.369-379
2017 (1/5)
vol.120 pp.1-2
Transcriptional dynamics
Daniel A Lafontaine, Carlos Penedo