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Niche Construction: The Neglected Process in Evolution

F.J. Odling-Smee, K.N. Laland & M.F. Feldman. 2003
Monographs in Population Biology, 37. Princeton University Press


Paperback | September 2003 ISBN: 0-691-04437-6
Hardcover | September 2003 ISBN: 0-691-04438-4
468 pp. | 5 x 8 | 30 line illus. 16 tables.
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Paperback / Hardback

“If the amount of attention warranted by this book is paid to it, the result should be a massive reorientation of evolutionary theory.”
David Hull, Northwestern University

“A wonderful exploration of this strangely neglected topic, opening new vistas on how organisms – including humans – construct ecological niches over evolutionary timeā€¦. I think this book is a ‘must read’.”
Robert. M. May, University of Oxford

“The sobriquet, ‘landmark’ is casually used to press the virtues of books, but seldom can it be taken seriously. Niche Construction really is a landmark book.”
Richard Lewontin, Harvard University

“This ambitious book tackles a problem of fundamental importance in science: the whole-hearted synthesis of the disciplines of ecology and evolution.”
Robert D. Holt, University of Florida

“…the first full length treatment of an intensely absorbing topic which deserves the close attention of anybody interested in evolution.”
Patrick Bateson, University of Cambridge