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Have you attended a Music Planet event and would like to learn more about the research that informed it? Find your event below!

Opening Concert

Music Planet’s opening concert in January 2017, and its reprise in September, brought together some of the classical repertoire’s most beloved music and a presentation of cutting-edge climate research from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. If you attended either concert and would like to learn more about the research from either the opening talk or the slideshow, you can learn more here. And click here to see a video of September’s performance, complete with some of the slides so you can revisit the beautiful music and learn more about the research that informed the Music Planet performances.

New Music Week

For the fourth year running, the Music Centre’s New Music Week features a weeklong celebration of musical exploration, inspiration and innovation. This year, Music Planet is infusing New Music Week with the latest insights from St Andrews researchers into how the soundscapes of whales and seals function, and how intertwined the sustainability of culture and landscape are in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Whether you attend just one or all of the concerts, read here to find out more about how environmental research at St Andrews informs New Music Week 2018; listen to music that local schoolchildren composed in response to whale research in the Sea Mammal Research Unit; and hear the howls of grey seals that inspired Emily Doolittle to write¬†Conversation, which debuts at the New Sounds of Nature concert.