Environmental History

From our early ancestors, Prehistoric music to the present, an exploration of the impact of our changing coastline and the progression of sounds across the centuries.

This event will explore the use of music from pre-history to early history in early environments. It will use the iconic space of the Wemyss Caves to present musical developments through the centuries. Recent significant investigations and recording in the caves have highlighted their importance to local society in a similar fashion to iconic cave site elsewhere.

There is evidence of the Wemyss Caves being used from at least the Iron Age with significant changes to the coastline as a result of 19th and 20th century coal mining. The changing coast since then as a result of coastal processes is significant and the future of the caves is uncertain. The science of this coastal change will be explored with the audience.

The intricate Pictish carving will be shown by lamplight to the sound of early music and narration of appropriate stories. The event will be held at dusk in October at Samhain with the audience bringing torches for access to the cave. The cave will be lit with lamps/candles. Prior to the event an associated series of workshops is planned in local schools with SWACS.

video: exploring sound in the Wemyss Caves