Where are we Going? And What are we doing?

Modern Languages

In 1961 John Cage delivered an experimental lecture on modern music, mushrooms, and more, which was as ambitious and playful in its form as it was in its content.  The audience at the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, was surprised to hear four voices simultaneously, dropping in and out in various combinations – three of the voices were pre-recorded, and the fourth Cage performed live.  Dr David Evans (School of Modern Languages) performs full 30-minute reading of the piece, before leading a short discussion of why Cage’s provocative statement on how and why we listen remains as relevant today as it did over fifty years ago.

Performance event at the Byre Theatre, Wednesday 22 February, 2.30pm. Free with complimentary tea, coffee and scones.

As part of this project we would like the audience to consider Soundscapes.  If you don’t know what one is then read more at:

We will also be asking the audience to consider two questions:

  1. What and where in Scotland is your favourite Soundscape?
  2. What Soundscape is most pleasurable to you and what is most offensive?

The responses to these questions will be explored after David’s talk and will form the basis for a series of recordings that we will be making around Scotland for integration with David’s delivery of John Cage’s experimental lecture.