PhD opportunities: Research projects may be available for individuals with self-arranged funding that are able to meet University tuition fees and living expenses through dedicated personal fellowships or private means. Depending on your interests please contact either Dr Alan Stewart (ajs21@st-andrews.ac.uk) or Dr Samantha Pitt (sjp24@st-andrews.ac.uk) directly for details.

In addition, two BBSRC-funded EastBio PhD studentship projects are currently advertised that will be jointly supervised by Dr Stewart as follows (note that in each case the closing date for applications is 5th Dec 2018):

Structure and function of histidine-rich glycoprotein – a modulator of coagulation, vascularisation and immunity. (Primary supervisor: Dr Bela Bode, School of Chemistry, University of St Andrews; Second supervisor: Dr Alan Stewart, School of Medicine, University of St Andrews) – link

Investigating of the roles of the choline-specific phosphodiesterase, ENPP6 in skeletal mineralisation and lipid metabolism. (Primary supervisor: Prof. Colin Farqharson, Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh; Second supervisors: Dr Alan Stewart, School of Medicine, University of St Andrews and Prof. Nik Morton, Centre for Cardiovascular Science, University of Edinburgh) – link