Macular Society Roadshow, Edinburgh

On May 16th Dr Alan Stewart gave a talk at the Macular Society Roadshow held at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. The talk described the latest results from a Fight for Sight-funded study into how sub-retinal deposits form in the eye. Such deposits are known to lead cause sensory cell death and lead to age-related macular degeneration. The talk was attended by approximately 200 delegates including those affected by macular conditions and their family, friends and carers, plus anyone interested in learning more about macular disease.

Local politicians visit the Metal Ions in Medicine Group

On the 24th March three local MSPs, Roger Mullin (SNP), Willie Rennie (Scottish Lib Dems) and Alex Rowley (Labour), together with representatives from the British Heart Foundation were in St Andrews to hear about the cutting-edge cardiovascular research being carried out in the School of Medicine.  Dr Alan Stewart and Dr Sam Pitt as well as other researchers from the Metal Ions in Medicine Group (Dr Siavash Khazaipoul, Amelie Sobczak and Gavin Robertson) presented updates on their work.  In addition, Prof David Crossman and Dr Simon Powis were in attendance, with Prof Crossman providing an introduction to the school and an overview of how biomedical research is funded and its importance to Scotland.

Cafe Scientifique Event – Filmhouse Cafe, Edinburgh

Alan Stewart gave a talk entitled “Understanding mineral formation in the eye – hope for sufferers of age-related macular degeneration” at a Cafe Scientifique Event held at the Filmhouse Cafe, Edinburgh on 13th February. The talk was open to the public free of charge and was well attended. The presented work is supported by funding from Fight for Sight. Alan would like to extend his thanks to Jo Eva from Fight for Sight for the invitation to speak and to Ulrike and Simon, the local Cafe Scientific organisers in Edinburgh.

BHF Scotland’s Annual Parliamentary Reception

On the 1st of February Alan Stewart and Gavin Robertson represented the Metal Ions in Medicine Group at the British Heart Foundation Scotland’s Annual Reception, which took place in the Scottish Parliament Bulding in Edinburgh. The event, attended by fundraisers, researchers and politicians, highlighted the great work of the BHF in funding cutting-edge reserach, informing policy and promoting public awareness of its activities. It was followed by a private dinner hosted by BHF Chief Executive, Simon Gillespie that both Alan and Gavin attended.

Zinc & Diabetes Workshop, Yeruham, Southern Israel

Dr Stewart recently attended a workshop in Israel on the topic of Zinc & Diabetes. The meeting which took place on 28-30th November brought together over 20 principal investigators from both the UK and Israel. The workshop led to interesting discussions relating to the roles that deficiency and mishandling of zinc play in the disease. Dr Stewart would especially like to thank Prof Arie Moran (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel) and Dr Imre Lengyel (Queen’s University Belfast) for putting together such an interesting programme and the Academic Study Group for funding.

Photograph taken of some of the workshop participants during an excursion in to the Negev Desert, Israel.

Photograph taken of some of the workshop participants during an excursion to the Negev Desert, Israel.