29th Annual Conference of the EMDS 2015

IMG_20150923_112803Dagmara Wiatrek was in attendance at the 29th European Macrophage and Dendritic Cell Society (EMDS) Meeting in Krakow, Poland. Dagmara presented a poster entitled “Alterations in zinc transporter expression during dendritic cell maturation”. Her trip was supported by a travel award from EMDS.dagmara

Microelectrode Techniques for Cell Physiology – 2015

Another fantastic year.

A special thanks to Alex Street (The Marine Biological Association, Plymouth) and to Prof. David Ogden (Paris Descartes & The Francis Crick Institute, London) for organising another successful year.

2015 was the year of the patch clamp!!! We successfully recorded whole cell currents using both conventional whole cell patch clamp and perforated patch, and also recorded some beautiful single channels using cell attached, outside-out and inside-out patches.


For students thinking of applying or wishing to find out more about the course, please visit Microelectrode Techniques for Cell Physiology 2016