Lab members

Michael Morrissey 

Research Fellow

michael.morrissey (at)

URF from October 2014



Lizy Mittell

Post-doctoral researcher

e.mittell (at)

Evolutionary quantitative genetics in wild animal populations




Anna Staehler

Ph.D. from September 2015

ams38 (at)

Non-additive genetic variation and evolutionary constraint



Past lab members

St Kilda 2 Summer Catch 030Maria João Janeiro

Ph.D. 2014-2018

mjoaojaneiro (at)

Quantitative genetics of growth and development


Darren Hunter

Ph.D. 2014-2019

dhc5 (at)

The ecological basis of variation in natural selection






Chenille Whitehead

Undergrad Research Student, Summer 2013 & 2014 & Honours project

Selection and genetics of growth in annual plants