Morrissey Lab

I am interested in how evolution works on generation-to-generation time scales.  With my students and collaborators, I study natural selection and genetic variation in natural populations.  We also do theoretical studies, and methodological development, to understand how best to combine information about genetics and selection in the wild, to understand evolutionary processes.

I am not actively recruiting students for any specific topics.  However, I would be delighted to hear from anybody interested in working with our research group.  A range of project topics is possible.  Possibilities include:

  • studies of natural selection in the wild on annual plants
  • studies of genetic variation and plasticity in fruit flies
  • statistical theory and application of meta-analyses
  • evolutionary quantitative genetics and life history theory using data from long-term studies
  • microevolutionary theory, including analytical approaches and simulation

These empirical, methodological, and theoretical topics cover questions that can be tackled at various levels.  Possibilities include:

  • undergraduate: summer & term time internships, honours projects
  • research masters (MscRes.): this is a new one year program at St Andrews, that is entirely research-based (see here and here for general information, and also an advertisement for Msc(Res) in my group)
  • Ph.D.: I will be delighted to support applications from outstanding prospective Ph.D. students for School of Biology studentships or other opportunities.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch.  See here for current Ph.D. students.
  • post-doctoral and mentored research fellowships: There are many opportunities for post-doctoral work.  In particular, I will be very interested to discuss and support applications for programmes such as Marie Curie and Newton fellowships.

Please contact me if any of these interests you, or if you have a project idea of your own!