Medical Education Research Group

The Medical School teaching is consistently rated at the top or near the top in the UK for student satisfaction. This high regard is due a teaching team who are actively engaged in medical education research and the School has a firm commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of medical education development.

The medical education research group have several key areas of research; curriculum design and development including research-teaching linkages, professionalism and inter-professionalism, assessment and feedback and clinical communication training. Members are encouraged to develop their teaching using an evidence base and are supported in this through regular meetings and journal clubs. We are also linked with the Centre for Higher Education Research.

Recent News

IAMSE 2013

IAMSE Annual Conference 2013: June 8th – 11th St Andrews

Science education for health care professionals across the continuum

Join us for the IAMSE conference on Medical Science Education!

At the annual meeting of the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) faculty, staff and students from around the world who are interested in medical science education join together in faculty development and networking opportunities.


  1. Communication in Undergraduate Medical Education: Oral presentation
  2. Communication in Undergraduate Medical Education: Oral presentation