Open Calls

The Deadline is 21 November, decisions expected mid December.

Send documents to Jean Johnson (

The scheme is being applied for should be indicated at the top of your submission.

Seedcorn, priority area a

Under this scheme we are looking to support preliminary research aimed at gaining a grant from the Trust (our primary criteria). Any science must be in Trust remit and we explicitly include Public Engagement (PE) activity.

There is one call for seed-corn and this is it. We are not a grant committee nor a replacement for external funding.

In the event of being over subscribed we will favour in the following order

(1) New PI’s (< 2 yrs as a PI)

(2) People with WT funding

(3) New or imaginative collaborations

Those who have previously been supported by ISSF and have not yet submitted a WT investigator grant will be significantly disfavoured. (Exemptions from this will be made where significant leave has been taken (illness or parental))

Established group leaders (promoted staff) with > 5 yrs in UK and with no history of WT applications and funding will be disfavoured. New collaborations are one way to remove such disadvantages.

We require a one page outline of your plan.

We will consider other requests, e.g.  very special piece of equipment or training or limited PDRA funding where the case is made.

Those intending to seek PE funding should discuss with Kate Cross first.

All successful applicants and appointed personnel will be required to engage with ISSF PE activities, failure to do so will result in termination of support.

People bridging, priority area ci

We will support people who are named on grants or have fellowship applications pending for St Andrews but have had money run out or about to. Typically our support is for 6 months and we will have multiple calls over the next two years. Applications must be made by a PI. In exceptional cases we will consider longer funding.

Our sole criteria are where we can see a benefit to the career of the person (usually a PDRA) being supported. We do not support PhD students or undergraduates or projects per se or consumables. We wish to value people.

Where no grant has been submitted or the person is not named, this will disfavour our support.

A one page outline case  and a CV for the person to be supported should be provided.