Zeiss Pascal 510 confocal

Location: room B106

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The Zeiss Pascal Meta 510 Confocal Imaging system (manual as pdf) includes a Zeiss Axio-Imager M1 upright microscope that is equipped with the following objectives:

Magnification     Zeiss Type NA/mm Medium
X10 Plano-Neofluar 0.3 Air
X40 Plano-Neofluar 1.3 Oil
X63 Plan-Apochromatic 1.4 Oil

The microscope is also fitted with epi-fluorescent filter blocks to visualise blue (e.g. DAPI,) green (e.g. FITC) and red (e.g. TRICT) fluorochromes.  The Zeiss Meta 510 confocal system, has three lasers:

Argon laser488 nm: FITC, Alexa 488, CY2, GFP458nm:   CFP514nm:   YFP
Helium-Neon543 nm: TRICT, Mito-tracker Red, Cy3, Texas Red, mCherry
Helium-Neon633 nm: Cy5, Alexa 633, DRAQ5, Mito-Tracker Deep Red

The Exciter Software allows for the acquisition of simultaneous single-track images. There are pre-set Zeiss configurations of Main Dichroic Beam Splitters and Secondary Dichroic Beam Splitters to filter excitation wavelengths coupled with Long pass and Band Pass filters to detect emission wavelengths. These configurations can be used in two channel combinations such as the excitation of both 488 and 543 laser lines permitting for double and triple staining.

For the elimination of crosstalk between channels the Multi-track facility allows for sequential scanning line-by-line or frame-by-frame one track at a time of up to four tracks.  Within the Multi-track Acquisition format there is also the ability to capture z-stacks. Additionally there are options for spot bleaching and time lapse imaging. LSM Image Examiner provides subsequent processing of images, which includes: image ratio calculations, co-localisation co-efficient with expression level analysis in the form of Scatter-grams.

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