Oppenhiemer Lab Protocols

Preparation of Mowiol or Gelvatol Mounting Medium:

This protocol is from the useful text: Using Antibodies: A Laboratory Manual by Ed Harlow and David Lane

Note: It is important to keep stirring the mixture until the Mowiol is dissolved, otherwise the Mowiol will settle out and trap the stirbar.

  1. Add the following to a 100 ml beaker:

    4.8 g Mowiol 4-88 (or Gelvatol)
    12 g glycerol

  2. Mix well using a stirbar.
  3. Add 12 ml ddH2O and continue stirring for several hours at RT.
  4. Add 24 ml 0.2 M TrisHCl (pH 8.5). Continue stirring. Heat occasionally to 50°C in a water bath for about 10 min. Continue stirring until Mowiol is dissolved.
  5. Once dissolved, centrifuge the solution at 5000 xg for 15 min to clarify the solution.
  6. Carefully remove supernatant; store aliquots at –20°C.