Leica TCS SP8

Location: room B122

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The Leica TCS SP8 is fully equipped with Leica ‘s modern imaging enhancements.



The system incorporates a motorised inverted DMI 6000 microscope, which has 4 objectives.

Magnification Leica Type NA/mm Immersion medium
 X40 HC Plan APO   1.3 OIL
 X63 HC Pl APO   1.4 OIL

There is also a motorised x/y-stage allowing for multi-position imaging and tiling.

For eyepiece visualization there are three fluorescent filters

  • Blue (A = x340-380, dichroic 400, LP425)
  • Green (I3 = xBP470-490, dichroic 510, mLP515)
  • Red (N2.1 = x515-560, dichroic 580, mLP590)

Confocal System

The SP8 has a Tandem scanner system, which provides for Conventional scanning, or Resonant scanning (8 000 Hz) – 28 fps at 512*512 for fast live cell imaging.

It contains four lasers, allowing for excitation in the following wavelengths: 405 nm, 458 nm, 476 nm, 488 nm, 496 nm, 514 nm, 543nm, 561nm, 594nm and 633 nm.

Up to four fluorophores plus a bright field setting can be imaged in parallel or sequentially. There are four interactive emission detectors, enabling the user flexibility in choosing the wavelengths to detect; two of which are highly sensitive  (GaAsP) allowing the imaging of faint signals.

To facilitate live cell imaging there is an environmental chamber with temperature control and a macro mode function within the LASAF software for complex time-lapse experiments.