Leica LCS SL

Location: room B106

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The Leica TCS SL confocal microscope can be considered a standard confocal imaging system, which incorporates an easy to use, configurable interface with drop down menus for software utilities (user profiles and Leica templates)

The system includes a DM IRE 2 Leica inverted microscope equipped with the following objectives:

Magnification  Leica Type NA/mm Immersion medium
X10 HC PL Fluotar 0.3 Air
X20 HC Pl Fluotar 0.5 Air
X40 HCX PL APO 1.25 Oil
X63 HCX PL APO 1.4 Oil

The microscope also contains a manual filter block that provides for the initial visualisation of the specimen.

The TCS SL Confocal system carries 3 lasers:

Multiline Argon laser458 nm: CFP488 nm: FITC, Alexa 488, CY2, GFP, Fluojade-4, Calcein514 nm: YFP
543 nmGreen Helium-Neon laser (Gre-Ne)Cy3, RFP, Alexa 546, Alexa 561, M Cherry
633 nmHelium-Neon laser (He-Ne)Cy5, DRAQ5, Mitrotracker Deep Red

There is a three-channel, alignment free AOTF confocal scan head with a highly sensitive user adjustable sliding scale spectral excitation and detection system in the range of 400-800 nm. The software system includes configurable sequential imaging to eliminate cross talk in multiple labelling, This can be used in z stack acquisition or single image acquisition. Other modules included in the software are; Time-lapse imaging, volume rendering and animations, FRAP wizard and co-localisation analysis.

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