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The Deltavision microscope is a wide field fluorescence light microscope with deconvolution and a quantitative laser module with lasers of wavelengths 406nM, 488nM and 532nM to allow techniques like FRET, FLIP and FRAP.

The system has 100X and 60X oil immersion lenses and a 40X air lens.

We have the following filters CFP, CY5, DAPI, FITC, M Cherry and YFP

The filters have the following and Emission/Excitation wavelengths.

Fluorophore Excitation wavelength nM Band pass nM Emission wavelength nM Band pass nM
CFP 427 10 464 25
CY5 650 13 684 24
DAPI 387 12 447 60
FITC 485 20 531 20
M Cherry 560 25 624 40
YFP 504 11 547 25

The microscope system can do live imaging as temperature and pH (Using 5% CO2 air mix) can be controlled whilst multi cell time lapse can be carried out with full optical sectioning. To aid this we have cell tracking and auto focus capabilities this can be made into movies. We can do optical sections of cells usually at 0.2um spacing and then deconvolution as well as 3D projections.

For further details and/or training please contact John Nicholson:

John Nicholson

University of St Andrews
KY16 9ST