There are currently no vacancies for employment in the Gloster group. Any vacancies in the future will be advertised here. Post-doctoral fellows with their own funding, or looking to obtain their own funding to work in the group, are welcome to contact Tracey Gloster at any time.

PhD students

Potential PhD students are welcome to contact Tracey Gloster. Current projects are advertised on FindAPhD.com, but it should be noted that funding is not guaranteed for any project at the moment. Self-funded students are welcome to apply at any time.

More information on the application process can be obtained at the University of St Andrews postgraduate recruitment website, with more specific details described on the School of Biology and School of Chemistry pages.


Undergraduates that are interested in pursuing a research project in the Gloster group either as a summer internship or as part of their degree program are welcome to contact Tracey Gloster.