September 2019 – SULSA conference Edinburgh


Aga, Catriona and Flora attended the ‘SULSA Disruptive Technologies in the Life Sciences Conference’ in Edinburgh. Flora was awarded the prize for best poster!


August 2019 – Promotion Success

Congratulations to Tracey who was promoted to Reader, a well deserved success.


April 2019 – Carbohydrate chemistry award

Biochemistry lecturer Dr Tracey Gloster has won the 2019 Dextra Carbohydrate Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The award, founded in 1970 and sponsored by Dextra Laboratories, is presented to a scientist in the early/mid stage of their career for meritorious work in carbohydrate chemistry largely conducted in the UK.

Tracey leads research into the structure, function and mechanism of enzymes that process carbohydrates and is based in the School of Biology. Understanding the function of these highly specific enzymes provides fundamental knowledge in disease processes and for exploitation in biotechnology processes.

Tracey was elected to the Young Academy of Scotland (of the Royal Society of Edinburgh) in 2016, and was awarded a Biochemical Society Early Career Research Award in 2012, as well as a L’Oreal-UNESCO-Royal Society UK & Ireland Fellowship for Women in Science Fellowship in 2013.