Dr David E.K. Ferrier


2017 – present: Reader in Biology, and Deputy Director of The Scottish Oceans Institute, University of St Andrews, UK

2015 – 2017: Senior Lecturer in Biology. The Scottish Oceans Institute, University of St Andrews, UK

2012 – 2015: Lecturer in Biology. The Scottish Oceans Institute, University of St Andrews, UK

2007 – 2012: RCUK Fellow in Marine Biology. The Scottish Oceans Institute, University of St Andrews, UK

2003-2007: Departmental Lecturer in Animal Diversity
Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, UK

1999-2003: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the lab of Prof. Peter Holland
University of Reading, UK

1997-1998: EC Marie Curie TMR Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab of Dr. Jordi Garcia-Fernàndez
University of Barcelona, Spain

1991-1995: PhD and
1995-1996: Wellcome Research Associate with Prof. Michael Akam
University of Cambridge, UK

Present group members:

Dr Shunsuke Sogabe

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Research: Determining major general regulatory mechanisms in the ParaHox gene cluster


2017 – present: Postdoctoral research fellow, University of St Andrews, UK

2013 – 2017: PhD, School of Biological Sciences, University of Queensland, AUS

PhD project: The biology of choanocytes and choanocyte chambers and their role in the sponge stem cell system (Supervisor: Prof. Bernard Degnan)

2009 – 2012: Bachelor of Marine Studies, Hons Marine Biology, University of Queensland, AUS

Honours project: Transdifferentiation of larval epithelial cells and the ontogeny of choanocyte chambers at metamorphosis in the marine demosponge, Amphimedon queenslandica (Supervisor: Prof. Bernard Degnan)


Dr Thomas Barton-OwenTomBartonOwen2

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


Research: Homeobox genes in evolution.


2019: Research Assistant, University of St Andrews

2019: Postdoctoral Research Assistant with Prof Jerome H.L. Hui (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

2013 – 2018: PhD, School of Biology, University of St Andrews

PhD project: Homeobox genes in the development and regeneration of the cephalochordate Branchiostoma lanceolatum and the polychaete annelid Spirobranchus lamarcki. (Co-supervisors: Dr D.E.K. Ferrier & Dr. I.M.L. Somorjai)

2009 – 2012: BSc Hons Biology, University of St Andrews

Honours project: Msx gene expression during operculum regeneration in the keel worm Spirobranchus lamarcki (Polychaeta: Serpulidae). (Supervisor: Dr D.E.K. Ferrier)

Miss Morag ClintonMorag_Clinton copy

PhD student,

co-supervised by Prof. Andrew Brierley (St Andrews)

and Prof. Samuel Martin (Aberdeen)


Research: Atlantic salmon gill health and immunology in response to harmful environmental biological events.


2015 – present: PhD, University of St Andrews

2015: Marine Harvest Scotland

2009 – 2014: Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery, University of Glasgow

Previous research experience: Roslin Institute Edinburgh canine osteosarcoma cell lines, Institute of Aquaculture Stirling University aquaculture farm, Marine Laboratory Aberdeen Salmon Alpha Virus histology, and Marine Harvest well boat phytoplankton monitoring programme.

Miss Madeleine Aase-Remedios

PhD student


Research: The role of gene and genome duplications in animal evolution.


2018 – present: PhD, University of St Andrews

2014 – 2018: BSc Hons. Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh

Honours project: Statistical analysis of incisor abnormalities and late-life fitness in wild Soay sheep.

2017: BBSRC EASTBIO REP summer internship, University of St Andrews. Metazoa-wide survey of SINE/Six gene family of homeobox transcription factors

Miss Anastasia Ellis
Laidlaw Scholar undergraduate student.
Research: Chordate ParaHox gene regulation.


Past group members:

  • Miss Rebekka Uhl (undergraduate)
  • Mr Laurane Lesourd (visiting student)
  • Miss Linjie Kong (undergraduate)
  • Miss Rhanna Rankin (undergraduate)
  • Miss Juliette Hamon (visiting student)
  • Miss Madeleine Aase-Remedios (BBSRC-EASTBIO undergraduate intern)
  • Dr Simon Dailey (PhD student)
  • Dr Clara Coll Llado (PhD student)
  • Dr Myles Garstang (PhD student and Research Fellow)
  • Dr Réka Szabó (PhD student)
  • Dr Olivia Mendivil Ramos (PhD student)
  • Mr Peter Harrison (undergraduate)
  • Miss Hannah Taylor (undergraduate)
  • Mr Nathan Leonard (undergraduate)
  • Mr Robbie Neilson (undergraduate)
  • Miss Alice Dean (undergraduate)
  • Mr Fraser Cameron (undergraduate)
  • Mr Johnathan Demmer (visiting student)
  • Dr Ana Sara Monteiro (postdoc)
  • Dr Natalia Korchagina (postdoc)
  • Dr Thomas Butts (PhD student)
  • Dr Peter Osborne (PhD student)
  • Dr Carmel McDougall (PhD student)
  • Dr Jerome Hui (PhD student)
  • Mr Suleyman Kuyumcu (visiting student)
  • Mr Jolyon Troschianko (Masters student)
  • Miss Mitashi Singh (Masters student)
  • Miss Réka Szabo (undergraduate)
  • Miss Sarah Miles (undergraduate)
  • Mr Jonathan Tobin (undergraduate)
  • Mr David Bruce (undergraduate)