Alessandra Rocha Kortz Laura Antao Kyle Zawada
Alessandra has a post doctoral position in Austria where she will be working on plant biodiversity Laura now has a post doctoral position at the University of Helsinki, Finland Kyle is currently
hideyasu Image-1-AMY
Hideyasu Shmiadzu Sandra Luque Amy Deacon – UWI
Amy Deacon
Hideyasu is now lecturing in Statistics at Loughborough University but continues to collaborate on our work on biodiversity through time and space Sandra is Research Director at IRSTEA and at present spends most of her time based in France Amy now has a Faculty position at The University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago, as a lecturer in Zoology. She continues to collaborate on research into biodiversity patterns in tropical streams, as well as studying the Trinidadian guppies which inhabit them

Amir Ahmad Andrew Baird Sean Connolly
Amir collaborates in our work on diversity in time and space from Malaysia Maria is collaborating with Andrew in quantifying coral taxonomic and demographic diversity. Current collaborations with Sean include analysis of demographic rates and life history traits of fish, corals and other invertebrates.

Pedro Cermeno Tamara Rodriguez Lee A. Fuiman
Tamara and Pedro study phytoplankton communities, and have been collaborating with us in quantifying effects of variability in environmental conditions on community dynamics. Alfredo and Lee have collaborated on several projects studying ecology of larval fish and the effects of fatty acids on behaviour
Nick Gotelli Peter Henderson Josh Madin
We are collaborating with Nick on the analysis of biodiversity time series. Peter has a shared interest with Anne in the structure of aquatic communities. Current collaborations with Josh include the quantification of coral reef demographics.
Olivia Mendivil Ramos Brian McGill Pablo Munguia
Olivia usually works on genomics, but she collaborated with us in re-designing our time series database, as it grew too large to be efficiently used in our initial design. Collaboration in work on the measurement of biological diversity and co editor with Anne on her most recent book – Biological Diversity: Frontiers in Measurement and Assessment Pablo and Alfredo work together in a project to study latitudinal trends in positive species interactions
Shinnosuke Nakayama Lars Pettersson Helder Queiroz
Shin collaborates with Alfredo in a project on female attractiveness and comparative evaluation (in fish) Lars is collaborating with Alfredo and Anne on temperature and phenotypic plasticity in fish. Helder collaborates on a project focussing on changes in biological diversity through time, he can be contacted at
Indar Ramnarine Rolando Rodríguez-Muñoz Skúli Skúlason
Collaborates in work on fish, particularly the Trinidadian guppy and how it is helping show how diversity, at intra- and interspecific levels, evolves. Rolando and Alfredo maintain a group dedicated to communicating scientific information to the general public and in issues related to conservation in Asturias (N. Spain). Collaboration on the ecology and evolution of biological diversity in polymorphic freshwater fish. Skúli is doing a sabbatical at St Andrews holding a MASTS Visiting Fellowship.
Dalva Matos Mara Casalini
Dalva collaborates with our work on diversity in time and space which contributes to the conservation of biological diversity Mara’s main interest is the study of sexual selection, the evolution of mating tactics and strategies, and their consequences at population level. During her PHD she worked with bitterling fishes (the Chinese Rhodeus ocellatus and the European Rhodeus amarus) under the supervision of Dr Carl Smith