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Zoe Paraskevopoulou
Zoe is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of St Andrews and is volunteering with Jessica Haghkerdar, PhD student of Maria Dornelas. Her interests involve mainly ecology and conservation of biodiversity. The current research she is helping with is based on succession ecology and investigates the biodiversity of aquatic invertebrates in St Andrews, Scotland. Zoe is also planning on working on her own project on creating a regression model for estimating the metabolism of different aquatic invertebrates.
Zoe is volunteering with Jess Haghkerdar and Dr Maria Dornelas
Rowan Stanforth
Rowan is an undergraduate Biology student with an interest in a range of different areas. He has an enthusiasm for Evolutionary Biology, specifically how social traits arise in different organisms. Recently he has been interested in the extra-pair mating behaviour in monogamous birds but really enjoys aspects of ecology and conservation as well. He is unsure exactly of what he wants to do in the future but would love to have the opportunity to do a PhD and conduct his own research.
Rowan is volunteering with Dr Maria Dornelas

Gracie Wilson
Gracie is a mature 2nd year undergraduate biology student. She has been involved in marine mammal surveying and carrying out plankton trawls to collect data and help teach young children about plankton during the summer with her husband and daughter for the past 10 years on the Isle of Mull, which was partly what inspired her interest in marine biology. She hopes to complete her degree in either marine biology or ecology and conservation and go on to do a masters and/or a PhD. In the future she hopes to work in research and teaching, her main field of interest is coral reefs with a particular emphasis on how the ecosystem works and how species coexist. She is also interested in marine conservation and climate change.
Gracie is volunteering with Dr Maria Dornelas