Masters and Honours Students

Honours Students


Christophe Darnley-Brede

Christophe is a Norwegian Honours candidate with a background in Biology and Philosophy and extensive experience in Finance, policy and Risk Management. His Senior Honours Project focuses on socio-ecological communication pathways and the potential of using integrative approaches to enhance intra- and interdisciplinary information sharing practices and improve system interconnectivity. He hopes to offer a meaningful contribution to the Charter for Responsible Public Debate.


Sophie Berlouis

Sophie is a Seychellois fourth year undergraduate student studying Marine Biology. She would like to help increase public appreciation of marine wildlife in her country and has a love for sharks and rays, in particular. She has helped manage a coral restoration program, which included transplanting nursery-reared corals to degraded reefs around the main island of Seychelles. She hopes to have an even greater influence on coral reef conservation after her studies.


Amelia Errington

I am a fourth year Biology student with an interest in conserving biodiversity in marine and terrestrial habitats around the world. I am looking forward to studying coral growth as part of my dissertation and seeing how 3D modelling of coral reefs can give us a better understanding of their complexity. This will allow us to better answer ecological questions and may improve management strategies in reef ecosystems.