Masters and Honours Students

 Taught Masters Students

Cher Chow

Cher is a MSc student from Hong Kong in the Marine Ecosystem Management program studying tropical reef fish. Her research interests involve the impacts of fisheries on coral reef communities, diversity dynamics on a spatial scale, and the ecology of reef muraenids. Her dissertation utilises underwater imaging methods to explore diversity and abundance of herbivorous/spongivorous fish and whether these fish facilitate coral recruitment and settlement.

Caitlin Bolton

Caitlin is a MSc Marine Ecosystem Management, primarily interested in tropical marine systems and deep sea research. Her dissertation is focused on the impacts of herbivory and coral diversity on erosion and accretion in tropical marine systems, using underwater videography and 3D imaging software.

 Honours Students

Christophe Darnley-Brede

Christophe is a Norwegian Honours candidate with a background in Biology and Philosophy and extensive experience in Finance, policy and Risk Management. His Senior Honours Project focuses on socio-ecological communication pathways and the potential of using integrative approaches to enhance intra- and interdisciplinary information sharing practices and improve system interconnectivity. He hopes to offer a meaningful contribution to the Charter for Responsible Public Debate.

Lindsay Grant

Lindsay is a first year undergraduate student who is helping Viviana with 3D constructions of the corals transplanted in the Maldives.

Nicoline Winding

Nicoline is a Danish second year undergraduate student studying marine biology. She is still figuring out which exact field of research interests her the most, but she is sure that it involves coral reefs, tropical marine ecology and the conservation of marine species.