SEECC 2018

Scottish Ecology, Environment and Conservation Conference 2018

The 3rd annual SEECC took place here in St Andrews on Tuesday and Wednesday 20th and 21st March. It was an extremely interesting conference attended by most of the group

There were very interesting plenaries given by Nicola Melville and John Armstrong in addition to two student plenaries by Jamie Macaulay (University of St Andrews) and Nina Friggens (University of Stirling). We also enjoyed a lively Question Time style debate about the environment of Scotland in the next 50 years.

Many of us were presenting at the conference – Raquel, Faye, Gergana and Jess all gave 5 minute talks whilst Faith and Haley had posters displayed.

Faith was runner-up in the best badge competition, which was deservedly won by Emily Schofield who had created hers in cross stitch!

More information on the conference can be found here and on twitter at #SEECC2018