Isabel Silva






PhD Student (Doctoral Program in Biology and Ecology of Global Change, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal)

Biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation

My PhD aims to investigate the relationships among biodiversity in a tropical reef system, its type of exploitation and the poverty of the people who depend on it. The study takes place at Vamizi Island and at National Park of Quirimbas in the Quirimbas Archipelago in northern Mozambique. Since 2002 various initiatives have been promoted in this region with the dual goals of promoting conservation and increasing wealth of one the poorest regions in the world. These include: ecological monitoring, co-management of marine resources and diversification of income and sustainability of coastal communities. The effects of these management measures in terms of spatio-temporal patterns of biodiversity, socio-economic indicators, and population perception of the management actions will be assessed and compared with other measures of biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction in Mozambique and Southern Africa.


Dr Maria Dornelas (University of St Andrews), Prof Amadeu Soares (Universidade de Aveiro)


da Silva, IM, Hill, N , Shimadzu, H , Soares, AMVM & Dornelas, M 2015, ‘Spillover effects of a community-managed marine reserve’ PLoS One , vol 10, no. 4, pp. e0111774.