Gergana Daskalova






Gergana Daskalova
PhD Student, Carnegie PhD Scholarship, NERC E3 DTP

Attributing biodiversity change to global change drivers

My research project aims to quantify the effects of land use change on global and local patterns of species richness, abundance and composition, and develop an innovative computational framework to facilitate answering fundamental questions in ecology using big data and global synthesis of long-term observations. In particular, I will investigate whether: 1) changes in species richness, abundance and composition can be attributed to land use change over recent decades, 2) land intensification and land abandonment are both causing species homogenisation, and 3) biodiversity change processes are more pronounced in areas of high land use change rates.

Understanding how global change drivers, such as land intensification and abandonment, are influencing ecosystems around the world is vital for facilitating international policy regulations to inform conservation measures and safeguard ecosystem functionality.


Dr Isla Myers-Smith
Dr Maria Dornelas
Dr Anne Bjorkman

Research Interests

  • Quantitative ecology
  • Conservation science
  • Agroecology

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