Former Members

Former Members Include:
Amir Ahmad Miguel Barbosa Anu Bhat
Amirs PhD research focussed on analysing species diversity and community structure of small stream fishes in Peninsular Malaysia. Miguel’s areas of interest are behaviour, evolution and ecology. He is currently examining how species respond to environmental uncertainty. Anu is collaborating with Anne on fish biodiversity research.
Amy Deacon Salinee Khachonpisitsak Lorraine Hawkins
Amy is investigating temporal changes in biodiversity and the effects of both human-induced and natural disturbances on species abundance distributions Salinee successfully passed her Viva, her PhD looked at biodiversity patterns of freshwater fish in Thailand. Lorraine is the River Dee Trust manager. She has a research background in fish behaviour including a PhD in Fish Ecology and has worked alongside other District Salmon Fishery Boards
Kit Magellan James Orpwood Caya Sievers
Kit spent some time at Rhodes University in South Africa and at present is based in Spain James now works for the Scottish Government in the Freshwater Fisheries Programme Caya is still in St Andrews working on seals at the Sea Mammal Research Unit
Isabel Silva Mara Casalini Inês Órfão
Isabel has now successfully completed her PhD and continues to work in Mozambique where she is a lecturer Mara has successfully completed her postgraduate studies and is now based in Italy. During her PhD she worked with bitterling fishes (the Chinese Rhodeus ocellatus and the European Rhodeus amarus) with Dr Carl Smith who was her supervisor. Mara’s papers can be located on our publications page. Inês is back in Portugal and recently published a paper in Ecography “Me against who? Male guppies adjust mating behaviour according to their rival’s presence and attractiveness”
Alessandra Rocha Kortz Laura Antao Kyle Zawada
Alessandra has a post doctoral position in Austria where she will be working on plant biodiversity Laura now has a post doctoral position at the University of Helsinki, Finland Kyle is currently
Others include
Keith Cohen Matt Millington Stephen Russell
Former Masters Students include:
Mansi Bhatnagar Amy Geraghty Penny Lampri
Fernando Pardo Urrutia Aziz Mulla James Robinson
Fernando has now successfully completed his Masters Aziz has now successfully completed his Masters James is now at the University of Victoria, Canada, to do a PhD with Dr. Julia Baum
Former Honours Students include:
Madeleine Emms Leo Martin Andrew Nash
Maddie did an experimental
project where she quantified
the effects of an audience
on female guppy mating behaviour.
Leo did a field project that quantified
intra vs. inter specific trait diversity in intertidal
crab assemblages.
Andrew did a data based
project where he analyzed
the variability of life history
traits in tropical versus
temperate wrasses.
Sanna Sartori Claire Gourlay Anna Zahedi
Sanna’s project looked at how animals adjust their activity cycles to new environmental conditions in the context
of what mechanisms make successful invaders, using guppies as a model organism.
Claire’s project involved behavioural
research with guppies,
focusing on interspecific and
intraspecific transmission of
Anna’s dissertation was a literature based project focussing on how sustainability in marine fisheries can be achieved in a positive and
practical way in order to reduce the conflict that often occurs between scientists and fisheries managers.
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Emmy Wassenius Jenny House Rowan McLachlan
While spending a semester abroad in Australia Emmy conducted her fieldwork for her Senior Honours Project on the Great Barrier Reef. In her project Emmy looked at spatial patterns used during foraging in herbivorous reef fish. She also looked at how these patterns vary with body size and across species. Emmy is now studying for her Masters degree. Jenny’s dissertation involved quantifying relationships between planar area, volume and surface area for different coral morphotypes using coral skeletons in scientific collections across Scottish Museums. She has just begun a Masters degree at the University of York. Rowan spent 6 months studying abroad at James Cook University, Australia, during which time she conducted her Senior Honours research project. This research is focused on the feeding rates of 6 different scleractinian coral species with a specific focus on the possible up-regulation of heterotrophy following thermally-induced bleaching. Her data analysis compared trends in respiration and photosynthetic rates pre- and post-bleaching. Rowan is now studying for her PhD.
Hayley Wolcott Jessica Savage
Hayley investigated how familiarity within small groups of Trinidadian guppies affects their escape response to a visual stimulus. This study was aimed at understanding the role of familiarity in animal interactions and provided some interesting insight on the mechanisms guiding social behaviour in this species. Hayley is now studying for her Masters. Jess is now studying for her Masters
Natasha Allen Ellen Burt Clare Canning
Lyndy Donaldson Sarah Flynn Charles Hardman
Charles Hazlerigg Clare Hunter James Lawson
Laura Manson Mhairi McGaan Jennifer Park
Alex Roberts Alex Schweizer Phillipa Stubbs
Julia Taub Claire Wright Charlotte Yates
Anna Brotchie Alex Zalewski